We organise for Yoga Studio, companies and Teachers own Retreat on the Wooden Yachts.

YogaCruising is certainly one of the most enticing ways to travel the Greek Aegean İslands, the Kroatia –Montenegro Coast and the Turkish Mediterranean- Aegean Coast.

Our yachts provide from 6 – 20 cabins with twin beds or 2 single beds. Each cabin is equipped with WC, shower, air condition and a hair dryer. These yachts are “Gulets”. Traditionally crafted wooden sailing boats, of a length ranging from 25 to 50 meters, with 2 or 3 masts.

Each meal is freshly cooked on our YogaCruising tours and we serve a healthy, vegetarian, Mediterranean cuisine. Already the traditional Mediterranean Brunch breakfast consists of a plethora of locally Organic produced, high quality ingredients from the honey to the cheeses and vegetables. For dinner the meals are composed out of a variety of traditional vegetable dishes and salads, accompanied by bulgur, rice or potatoes. We always serve fresh fruit of the season as a dessert or as a snack for in between meals

The Yoga sessions will be given by experienced yoga teachers , mostly on the sun deck, at some occasions on the beach.  During the trips there is plenty of time to relax, to read or chat under a shady sail, with a quieting view over the sea. Twice daily (mornings and evenings) you can enjoy our modern yoga sessions, giving you physical exercise and deep relaxation.

A choice of excursions on land will give you plenty of opportunities to get to know the nature, the culture and the history of this region. Exquisite jaunts to historical, archeological sites, herb hiking tours, or a visit to a nomadic village or a traditional Turkish bath – a hammam. They all share enriching insights into the wealth of the eastern Mediterranean culture.


Organize your own special retreat on the Sea.

Yoga retreat- holidays for groups:
As a yoga-studio or free-lancing yoga teacher it might be of interest for you to charter the whole of a yacht for your own groups, and thus organize exactly the trip as you’d like to have it. We organize everything, from your arrival at the airport until the returning flight of your group. We will organize your yoga-sailing-cruise with utmost care, offering you the flexibility of a personalized service and individual pricing conditions – please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Life on board a YogaCruising tour

The crew (consisting of the captain, chef, skipper, and the yoga teacher) is discretely attending you, with both joy and charm, to ensure that your stay on board will become an unforgettable experience. While we are cruising you are free to just lean back and relax, or to read, to chat or to let your soul whisper to you what your life is all about.

We are sure that our local Mediterranean cuisine varied with an international vegetarian touch, will be to your enjoyment. Furthermore you have the choice of a variety of daily activities for your leisure.

Small groups means that it’s easy to get to know your travel companions. Interesting encounters and inspiring talks are always a consistent part while you’re YogaCruisin’.

We guarantee a very easy-going, convivial atmosphere, making this holiday to something very special.


Yoga on board

When do we practice yoga?

In general two yoga sessions per day are offered.
Each yoga session has a duration of 90 minutes, in the mornings and evenings.

Where do the yoga sessions take place?

Normally the yoga sessions are given on deck, while the yacht is mooring in a quiet bay, in the mornings and evenings. 
In some bays there is a possibility to perform the yoga session on land, for instance on the beach or on a larger wooden jetty.
High quality yoga mats, blocks and bolsters are provided for you on the yacht. Nevertheless we recommend participants to bring their own equipment if they have special personal preferences.


The food on board a YogaCruising tour

A varied, healthy, traditional, vegetarian cuisine

Not only vegetarians treasure our food onboard as a culinary peak experience. The Turkish Mediterranean cuisine has already in its tradition a manifold of vegetarian dishes. Innumerable starters and main courses are traditionally cooked without meat. However our chefs onboard have acquired and accumulated the savvy to create well balanced, healthy, modern, vegetarian meals.
Each meal is composed of delightful vegetable dishes and fresh salads, all ingredients are of course locally produced, like the sun ripe fruits of the season, which are always part of a well balanced diet.

In the evenings the chef will be happy to serve fish dishes if demanded.

We always serve fresh fruit of the season as a dessert. These are delicately prepared fruit platters, ready to be enjoyed.


What does a Gulet look like?

Gulets are large wooden boats with comfort and service.
You don’t have to be at sailor to be able to love these boats. When you are strolling along the piers in the harbor of Bodrum or Marmaris, you will see these beauties all around. In fact the honey colored wooden details are dazzling in the sunlight. Turkish Gulets, as these boats are called, are built from pine wood and other precious woods, and then varnished and polished. Their bowsprit is pointing to the sea, through the opening of the harbor, their masts rise high into the sky and on the rear deck the Turkish flag is flowing all red in the wind, with its crescent moon and star Jupiter. A broad gangway brings you from the pier to the rear deck, where comfortable chairs around a large, wooden dining table are inviting you to spend some time. If you want to see the interior of one of our boats, click into the figures in the picture above.

YogaCruising leisure time

A choice of excursions on land will give you plenty of opportunities to get to know the nature, the culture and the history of this region. Exquisite jaunts to historical, archeological sites, herb hiking tours, a visit to a nomadic village or a traditional Turkish bath – a hammam.

On our yachts, you will be traveling in a small group and thus it will be possible for us to take care of you and completely attend your wishes. We will pick you up at the airport and bring you on board. Once on the yacht, there is plenty of time to get informed and ”to arrive”. Your yoga practice will start on the following day as well as your experience of the first boat trip and of course of the famous Turkish joy of life and culture.

Enjoy a holiday for body, mind and soul – we are awaiting you!

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2018 Own Retreat Dates DETAİL

2017 İndividual booking dates. DETAİL

Mykonos-Santorini Route 10 DETAİL
02 Jul - 09 Jul € 1.390,- Doublecabine.
09 Jul - 16 Jul € 1.390,- Doublecabine.
Cos Rhodos Route 6 DETAİL
27 May - 03 Jun € 1.295,- BOOKED
17 Jun - 24 Jun € 1.295,- Doublecabine.
26 Aug - 02 Sep € 1.345,- BOOKED.
02 Sep - 09 Sep € 1.345,- Doublecabine.
07 Okt - 14 Okt € 1.295,- Doublecabine.
2018 own Retreat dates for Yogateachers
May: 05./ 12./ 19./ 26  Jun: 02./ 09./ 16./ 23./ 30
Jul: 07./ 14./ 21./ 28  Sept: 01./ 08./ 15./ 22./ 29
Okt: 06./ 13./ 20./ 27  Nov: 03./ 10./ 17./ 24
Jun: 02./ 09./ 16./ 23./ 30  Jul: 07./ 14./ 21./ 28
Aug: 04. / 11. / 18. / 25  Sept: 01./ 08./ 15./ 22./ 29
13. May 20. May 2017 Griechische İnseln
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