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Yogacruising Ahoy!

We wish you most welcome to our Yoga Cruising website!tl_files/greenkaria/bildern/wanderzeichnungen/S_4.jpg
The quietness, the sun and the purity of the seawater will provide the best of prerequisites for your body and soul to be able to relax and regenerate.
A totally different kind of “vacation & holiday” is awaiting you, because you will experience the dreamlike beauty of the peninsulas, letting your gaze sweep over ever new appearing creeks and capes.
What we promise is adventure, delectation, recreation and action....just as you want it!
After the transfer from the airport to the sailing boat, we will have the pleasure to welcome you with a drink on board, to give you some of the information about the sailing-yacht and the particular route that you chose.
Thereafter we are ready to enter the Mediterranean Sea…
We’d like to invite you to make everyday of your vacation to an unforgettable one and to approach every night that particular feeling of togetherness, that the ancestors, the inhabitants of these ancient lands had in their heart. …
Since long, you’ve been deserving such a beautiful and unforgettable experience, and probably you’ve dreamed about it!
tl_files/greenkaria/bildern/wanderzeichnungen/y_9.jpgOur “Yoga Cruising Yachts” are comfortable floating hotels with a crew (captain-chef-skipper) dedicated to show you the most refined and exiting stretches of this coastline.
Single & group reservations – we organize your very special yoga retreat with all kinds of surplus values, due to our knowledge of specific locations in landscape, pure nature becomes your increase of appreciation!
You might want to organize your own yoga retreat in Turkey or Greece.

Organize your own trip

tl_files/greenkaria/bildern/wanderzeichnungen/y_0.pngAre you looking for an extraordinary location for your travel-group?
Yogacruising has the knowledge to bring you to the exquisite purity of nature – with lots of space for your yoga, cultural and sport activities, with an array of nature programs.
Regardless wether you’re leaping from island to island in Greece, or anchoring in dreamlike creeks in Turkey, the evidential traces, the testimonial  remains of 5000 years of history are awaiting you!

Gulet vacation & Yoga travels

tl_files/greenkaria/bildern/wanderzeichnungen/y_9.jpg...are without any doubt among the most enticing ways to travel along the line where the Mediterranenan meets the Aegean Sea.
Enchanting bays with crystal clear water, immersed ancient cities, and bizarre rock-burial sites from old civilizations are just some of the impressions that make your day into a most colorful experience.
Sunny and blossoming islands are awaiting us, who are sailing on a Gulet yacht, there for us to explore and reconnoiter on our next shore leave.
The Gulet ship-building tradition reaches centuries back, and it’s a living handicraft.
Once developed for fishing and transport, the Gulet yacht today combines traditional craftsmanship with the demands of comfort that equals hotel-standards. Of course every cabin is a room with a view, and offers the romantic exclusivity of a “Blue Cruise”.

Life on board

tl_files/greenkaria/bildern/wanderzeichnungen/S_6.jpgThe crew (captain, chef, skipper) will do everything they can, to make your stay onboard into a memorable experience.
It’s easy to get to know each other in the small groups of your travel companions.
Soon enough, it’s guaranteed to be an easy-going, convivial atmosphere on board.
Furthermore there are numerous daytime activities to choose from.

For groups, clubs, associations, companies

It is possible to charter a complete Gulet yacht (full charter) for your family events, club celebrations, honeymoon tour, seminars or incentive trips.


tl_files/greenkaria/bildern/wanderzeichnungen/y_4.jpgIf you wish to design and arrange your own special program, it is possible to book your own Gulet yacht for a group from 10 people.
We organize the Gulet yacht with it’s crew and your transport.
Our yachts can carry from 10 to 30 people onboard. Of course it’s a pleasurable possibility to have several boats, side by side, if this better corresponds to your needs.