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Yoga Cruising is a small family run business that operates since June 6th, 2006. Over the years we have acquired valuable skills and experience in all the fields of our operations with focus on yacht charters, excursions, hiking tours and trips for research and study purposes. We treat all our customers with utmost care regarding all details of trip planning and special interests or purposes. This careful, individual planning of each tour is highly appreciated by our returning customers.

Our family has been making their living out of sea cruises and sea related activities since generations. My grandfather, all my uncles as well as my father and myself have been working with sponge-diving and related trades.

We built our first Gulet Yacht in the year of 1987 and this was the starting point of our operations in the field of so called “Blue Trips”, yacht charters, hiking tours, research- and study trips along the Turkish coastline as well as to Greek islands.

The shipbuilding tradition in our region reaches back to antiquity Bodrum and Gulet Yachts have been used for transport and sea trade over centuries, sailing along the Turkish coastline connecting it to Greek islands and beyond. During the 60s and 70s the first tourists in the Bodrum area re-discovered the beauty of the Golf of Cleopatra with the help of local fisherman and sponge-divers who took them on small tours, lasting several days. Thus the pristine nature and unspoiled beauty of this region of the world became famous outside of Turkey.

Over the years the local shipbuilding tradition evolved and adapted to increasing demands of comfort and space and nowadays these beautiful wooden yachts are a pride of the region, a highly esteemed asset to discover the natural beauty of Turkey.

We specialized from the year of 1986 in hiking tours and cultural excursions and starting from the year of 2006 focused on yoga cruises and sea trips for all seminars-Events and Groups for Wedding, Honeymoon... It is a pleasure for us to welcome international guests. We have an international team of yoga teachers from Europe and the USA, leading yoga seminars in English, German or multi-language combinations. I am fluent in German language myself and speak fluent English.

Our trips will take you to the most attractive stretches of the turkish coastline and to a choice of our neighboring Greek islands with historical, archeological sites and pristine nature. Of course you can count with sunny days…..

Join us!