In 1983, in Russia St. Petersburg was born. Compulsory education in piano in music school was completed. Then St. Petersburg University of Culture and Art University finished. Then given by the company Management Plus Human Resource Management has completed certification training.

Began to do Yoga 10 years ago. She decided to be a yoga instructor in 2008.
She was start in Istanbul Hariom Yoga Center 'in the development was completed. Later, in India went to the world's most prestigious academy, which is one of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in "TTC" with a good level of education completed in 2009. Later, in India went to the world's most prestigious academy, which is one of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in "ATTC" of education completed in 2010 In India Sivananda Academy. For last 10 years she teached Yoga ın Evrope, in Indiya,in Turkiye.2015 Universal Tao Healling akademi with Master Mantek Chia was completed.Last 2 years she stayed in Tibet with DalayLama. Yoga lessons in English, Turkish and Russian as Darya Ersen also able to provide.


İntensive training program in Feminine  Tantra Yoga and Sacral Dance- the Dance of Unity with the live force of the Universe.

Female Tantra yoga and Sacred dance is an integrated knowledge about the nature of women. Practice, allowing the woman to recover and improve the health of women, increase their energy and transform it into more perfect form, capable of healing effect on the entire body.

This is energy practice trough dance, female Dao yoga, meditation and breathing. İts a deep process of building energy at all levels, its a treatment of the body and the soul. Working on the disclosure of the chakras, you open up new opportunities in live, find a sense emotional integrity, devolop inner beauty good, pure and loving heart. Moving through the Sacral (Sacred) dance we connect with your feminine essence and female with all manifestations of the Universe. İn full force, opening the gates of sensuality, Love, Joy, Kindness and natural beauty, remembering its spirutual essence and its destiny. Based on the study of the women's movement and expression, we are deeply connected to the divine feminine celebrating what it means to be a woman.

Lets fill the air with beauty consecrate the water to purify emotions, ignite our firecreatively and enjoy resonate together and harvest Gratitude inside our hearts.

Darya is leader of female practices and groups since 2008. Teacher of Yoga, Dance, Practices Tibetan Tantra and Hilling therapy.