Food on Board


Ideal for vegetarians. The best diet in the world! Versatile and healthy.

Turkey is the purest paradise for vegetarians: countless appetizers and dishes come out without any Vegetable. Fresh salads are absolutely every meal.

The food on board a YogaCruising tour

A varied, healthy, traditional, vegetarian cuisine

Not only vegetarians treasure our food onboard as a culinary peak experience. The Turkish Mediterranean cuisine has already in its tradition a manifold of vegetarian dishes. Innumerable starters and main courses are traditionally cooked without meat. However our chefs onboard have acquired and accumulated the savvy to create well balanced, healthy, modern, vegetarian meals.
Each meal is composed of delightful vegetable dishes and fresh salads, all ingredients are of course locally produced, like the sun ripe fruits of the season, which are always part of a well balanced diet.

In the east of the Mediterranean, in Greece, Turkey as in the Lebanon it is the manifold of dishes that forms part of the culinary culture. Regardless of country the culinary concept is called “meze”. On our yachts you will always be served freshly prepared vegetable dishes for lunch. Most of the time the chef will combine these with some specialties for instance the famous Cigarra Börek (filled pastry sticks) or zucchini-fritters or other delights from the traditional cuisine.
In the evenings the chef will be happy to serve fish dishes if demanded.

All warm dishes are served together with a manifold of delicious, cold salads. The ingredients for these are celery, red beets, spinach, sea weed, tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, common purslane and much more…. In addition the kitchen will serve warm dishes from the oven like stuffed aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis and strudels – and many other specialties, served with bulgur or rice, tomato sauces, rice dishes, cooked or baked potatoes.

We always serve fresh fruit of the season as a dessert. These are delicately prepared fruit platters, ready to be enjoyed. 

TURKISH CUISINE YogaCruising meals

The most refined dishes of the Turkish cuisine are prepared by our chefs in our resorts and on our YogaCruise Gulet yachts, each meal freshly cooked and wonderfully presented. The Turkish cuisine is a fascinating blend of Asian and Mediterranean culinary culture. The meals in our resorts and on our YogaCruise Gulet yachts are authentic, varied, delicious and of highest quality. Even in the best restaurants on land it would be a challenge to find this quality.

Enjoying these delicacies on board our YogaCruising Gulets, in the shade of a solar sail, mooring in a dreamlike bay or a picturesque fishing village, will make every meal into a real feast for all the senses.

Early birds can enjoy their first Turkish black tea, a cup of fresh ginger tea or coffee. After the yoga session a substantial Turkish breakfast will be served, including egg dishes, vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, a selection of cheeses, green and black olives, honey, marmalades, butter and bread. Not to forget the delicious Turkish yoghurt and the fresh fruit platter. The traditional beverage accompanying your breakfast is black tea, milk, or herbal teas. Of course you can get a Turkish coffee, if you prefer. 

For lunch we usually serve healthy lighter main dishes from the traditional Turkish cuisine. These are prepared from chosen, regional vegetables and with our local olive oil: green beans, stuffed peppers, okra with tomatoes, pinto beans, and aubergines fried or stuffed, baked and stewed dishes, böreks (typical Turkish filled pastries). Always accompanied by yoghurt with mint or garlic or other spices, delicious pilaws, fresh salads and fruit trays for dessert. A freshly baked cake or cookies will be tempting you in the afternoon, for tea or coffee.

In the evenings your chef will prepare a delightful dinner, starting with the all famous Turkish meze. Healthy and varied dishes or salads made from aubergines, zucchinis, chard, carrots, spinach, common purslane often with yoghurt and garlic, olive oil and lemon.

Zucchini fritters, pastries, vegetable dishes and böreks will be served from the oven or the grill. Accompanying all meals are green salads and rice or bulgur. A beautiful fruit platter for dessert.